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3 Must-Watch Plastic Documentaries this Plastic-Free July 2020

3 Must-Watch Plastic Documentaries this Plastic-Free July 2020

We're facing an unprecedented plastic-crisis. 

These documentaries will make clear the scale of this crisis and the systemic challenges we face to solve it. We DON'T recommend binge-watching these in one-day. They're soul-destroying and truly anxiety-inducing. These documentaries take you 'down the rabbit hole' of just how big the problem is and the global ramifications of inaction.

Prepare to be shaken to your core. They're hard to watch but entirely necessary if we hope to avert the biggest crisis of our generation. 

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1. The Story of Plastic 

The Story of Plastic shows us that the true cost of plastic goes beyond litter in the ocean. The plastic-crisis is a health crisis and as the plastic-industry ramps up production, this is set to worsen.

Toxic fumes during production, tainted wastewater during recycling and micro-plastics in the air we breathe - if we're not careful the plastic-crisis may just morphe into an existential one.  

2. Drowning in Plastic

Watch the full documentary for free.

Drowning in Plastic is a follow-up of sorts to BBCs Blue Planet II. It dually makes viewers feel hopeless and hopeful. It's story arc from source, to extent to solution makes for a roller-coaster ride. 

3. Plastic Wars

Plastic-Wars analyzes the 'recycling narrative' peddled by the plastics industry. It comments on the parallels between the current plastics backlash and the one which took place in the 1990s as well as the industries response to it.

While the film focuses primarily on the American market, it exposes critical flaws in the world-wide recycling system.


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