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Doing Well By Doing Good

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Let’s put aside the welfare of society and the planet for a minute and analyze the decision to go green purely through the lens of profit. Does choosing to conduct business in sustainable ways increase profits? It’s not an outlook we’re particularly fond of as we believe this paradigm of business is as outdated as it is dangerous. Regardless, the answer is yes.

Conscious Consumption

Consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions, and they want to know what the brands they like are doing to offset the impact of their operations.1

These concerns are only set to grow more mainstream, as Millennials and Generation Z mature to make up the majority of the consumer market. These generations are characterized by their commitment to brands who have a positive social or environmental impact.2

60%3 of 18-24-year-old shoppers, hope to exclusively shop with retailers offering sustainable delivery options, while 55%4 of survey respondents would pay extra for goods from companies that are committed to environmental responsibility.

Sustainable shipping not only increases brand loyalty and sales but also improves efficiency. How and why we package goods the way we do is rarely questioned, and this has created some major inefficiencies.

Packaging Inefficiencies

Aside from the plastic and cardboard wrapping eCommerce products come in, there are the boxes, the labelling, the bags inside bags and the paper wrapping or the foam packaging meant to protect what’s nestled inside. When ordering online, it’s not unusual to end up with far more packaging than stuff, and the sheer amount of this cumulative waste, as a result, is staggering.

Not only is this unsustainable, it’s also expensive. Businesses end up spending more money than they need to on more packaging than they need, all because conventional designs often fail to deliver on efficiency. Rethinking the way you deliver is not only a great opportunity to choose sustainability, but also reduce costs. The end result not only protects the environment – it saves you money.

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