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We believe that the best way to save nature is more nature

We believe that the best way to save nature is more nature.

Sustainable packaging doesn't have to be unattainable. You can be environmentally conscious and responsible while creating a premium product for your customers to enjoy. We want to help you do it.

Mielie Mailer is a life-style driven enterprise that seeks to help humans make better choices for themselves and for the planet.

Our ultimate mission: to use nature to help save the world— and create a better future now.

After all, stopping global warming isn’t about saving the planet; the earth will survive no matter how much the climate changes. It’s about saving humanity. 


Born out of Cape Town, South Africa, Mielie Mailer uses cutting edge technology to create sustainable alternatives to every day products - most notably single-use plastics. We stay at the forefront of consumer sentiment to help businesses stay in touch with what consumers demand. 

Join us on our journey, one delivery at a time.