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Carbon Negative Delivery

We Plant Trees to offset Delivery Carbon Emissions

Democratising Carbon Negative Delivery

With each delivery sent out using a Mielie Mailer, we offset double the carbon emissions of that delivery. All without the consumer, courier company or eCommerce store having to make expensive or structural changes to their logistic and fulfilment systems.

Instead, we calculate and then offset the emissions of these deliveries using the most effective way currently available: by planting trees in deforested regions across the world.

The best part: we do it at an extremely competitive rate. We love giving companies access to affordable and sustainable customer packaging solutions.  

Online Delivery Options

We empower brands to stay in touch with consumer sentiment towards sustainable and ethical business practices. Climate change and plastic pollution are public enemy number one and two respectively. Mielie Mailer solves both. 

With our mailers, brands can offer green shipping options (plastic-free and carbon neutral delivery) to their loyal customers. This boosts and even adds to their bottom lines.

Delivery Emissions

Every online order placed by a consumer emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The vehicles used by courier companies and the postal service use fuels which emit greenhouse gases - petrol or diesel.

While electric vehicles are a solution to this problem they are a) expensive to implement and b) slow to roll out. As such, eCommerce stores are bound by the delivery options available to them. 

Vehicle emissions depend on:

Mielie Mailer solves this dilemma by allowing deliveries to be carbon negative (and plastic-free) without the need for expensive fleet upgrades.


We collect data-sets from our eCommerce and delivery partners to create accurate delivery parameters based on vehicle type and distance travelled. 

Once we combine these parameters with industry-standard emission averages as decreed by the The French Transport Code, we are able to accurately determine the carbon emissions of an eCommerce stores deliveries and make the appropriate offset (double the calculated emissions). 

We offset carbon emissions by planting trees. Sequestration rates (the amount and rate at which trees absorb and store carbon dioxide emissions) are calculated per species, time of year planted and likely survival rate. This ensures the greatest possible accuracy.  


We plant our trees at pre-determined intervals and not on an ad-hoc basis. Why? This enables us to pool our resources and plant trees at the lowest possible cost. It's why we are able to do what we do: provide affordable carbon offsets. 

Planting trees in this way also enables our tree-planting partners in crime, Tree-Nation, to choose the best tree species to plant and work with local communities to get them in the ground.