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Our 9-Month Promise

Mielie Mailers were created with two core attributes in mind:

1. to be strong & durable delivery vehicles

2. toĀ completely decompose in a composting environment in as little as 90-days

Given these two opposing product characteristics, our mailers do not last as long theirĀ plastic counterparts do. However, if stored correctly, Mielie Mailers will retain their full strength for at least 9-months.

How to Store Your Mielie Mailer

To ensure maximum longevity, Mielie Mailers should be stored in a dark, dry place at room temperature (<25 Celsius).Ā 

How to UtiliseĀ the Mielie MailerĀ 9-Month Promise

Customers mustĀ notify Mielie Mailer in writing of any claims. Please email with the following information.

Upon receipt of a claim, we will be in touch within 48-hours.

We reserve the right to determine whether or not damages are covered by Our 9-Month Promise, atĀ our sole discretion.

Terms & Conditions of Our 9-Month Promise

TheĀ Mielie Mailer 9-Month Promise covers and is valid only for flaws and defects in the manufacturing of the product, or defects that develop through our recommended storage (see above).Ā Our 9-Month PromiseĀ applies only to the base material and not printing defects.

To be eligible for the Mielie Mailer 9-Month Promise:

Mielie MailerĀ does not warrant against: