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Our Home Compostable Mailer

Home Compostable Alternative to Single-Use Plastic

Source Material

Mielie Mailers are made from spoiled corn, PLA (a plastic alternative derived from plant fibres) and PBAT. The plant materials used are sourced from sustainable grow areas where no forest or natural habitat was cleared. 

Our use of plant materials in our mailers, make up less than 0.01% of the global annual corn crop which makes it an extremely low-impact resource.

And because we use corn which is unfit for human consumption, the production of our mailers does not direct food away from people. 


Our carefully chosen manufacturing partner, has a stellar track for a production facility which:

Courier Delivery

Our mailers replace traditional plastic sleeves used by courier companies and eCommerce stores around the world. They are stronger than traditional plastic sleeves thanks to the stretchable property of plant fibres.

Why use Mielie Mailer when you can just use cardboard boxes?

Composting or Re-use

Mielie Mailers are both re-usable and compostable (preferably re-used and then composted).

Once composted they disappear within as little as 3-months. What do we mean by disappear? They turn into C02, H20 and nutrient rich humus (organic matter) only. No plastic, no toxins. 

In fact, the compost derived from Mielie Mailers is food safe, i.e. it can be used to grow food fit for human consumption.

Compost Timeline:


Mielie Mailers are certified by all three industry certifiers;

meeting American, European, International and Australian standards – including certifications for your own domestic home compost.