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KAMERS/Makers - Local is Lekker

Kamervol Mielie Mailer Partnership


Well this is exciting! We're working with KAMERS/Makers to help you become a more sustainable business.

From the Makers Team

Our Makers are now well aware of the KM battle against single-use plastics, and the great strides we’ve made in pushing our events to be pretty-much plastic free environments. So we’re really excited to introduce you all to Miellie Mailer. It is high time we tackled the profligate use of plastics in the courier/delivery industry, where it sometimes  seems they even wrap the plastic… with plastic!!

Mielie Mailers tick all of our best boxes; proudly local, innovative, ingenious and just a little crazy! Please support them wherever you can - yes, they’re a little more costly than the dreaded plastic options but we’re sure an increasing number of your shoppers will opt for this packaging choice, if you can offer it.

Discount Code

Just use our unique KAMERS/Makers discount and receive 15% off any purchase on our online store. Not only do our Mielie Mailers reduce your plastic-use, they also reduce your carbon footprint - each mailer sold contributes to tree planting projects in Africa.

We hope you join us on this journey to be kinder to our planet - one delivery at a time.  

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