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Paper vs. Sticker Shipping Labels

paper versus sticker shipping labels mielie mailer

The Technical Stuff:

As you will have noticed - our Mielie Mailers do not come with waybill pockets/document protectors. Youre surely wondering how on earth youre meant to use them. It is a great wondering. Thankfully, we have two solutions for you.

Solution One: attach a plastic waybill pocket

While far from perfect, it’s the easiest solution to implement. Your preferred courier/delivery company will happily provide you with plastic waybill pockets / document protectors (free of charge), which you can stick directly onto your Mielie Mailers. You just need to ask. 

If you don't have an account with a courier company or are struggling to get you hands on these waybill pockets, you can purchase them directly from us (at cost, of course). :)

Mielie Mailer - Waybill Pocket Label

With these windows attached, you can use our Mielie Mailers like any standard courier fly-bag. Just make sure your customers know to remove and recycle these windows before composting. 

Solution Two: stickers!

Our mailers love stickers. If you are using uAfrica (which covers Dawnwing, The Courier Guy and Courier It) the sticker-printing process is pretty simple to implement, but does require a few extra upfront expenses. 

Mielie Mailer Sticker Waybill uAfrica

We highly recommend uAfrica if you are serious about using stickers. Their online system is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, and they offer fantastic shipping rates which are likely cheaper than what you're currently paying.

In fact, we love uAfrica so much that we've actually partnered with them to make your journey to sustainable packaging as easy as humanly possible.

You can download our 'Sustainability Manual' to find out more (scroll to page 23)

Additionally, send us an email ( or them an email ( if you’re interested in exploring this option. :)