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Mielie Mailer Sustainability  

Mielie Mailer was founded to provide makers, brands and businesses with sustainable solutions to everyday essential packaging products. Every decision we make and action we take is driven by our ultimate mission:

to use nature to help save the world— and create a better future now.

Measure, Reduce, Offset

To do that effectively we first measure our impacts and the impacts of other industries, figure out innovative ways to reduce those impacts and finally, when innovation is taking too long or is unavailable, offset those impacts.

Using this principle we've created products which have minimal impact on the planet, but we don't want to stop there. Minimal impact is great, no impact is better. While we continue our journey towards this elusive dream we have a few milestones, achievements and policies we are incredibly proud of. 

1. Natural 🌽

We use spoilt corn in the production of our Mielie Mailers and recycled wood pulp in the production of Paper Pop products. The use of corn and all natural materials in our products mean they use less energy, emit less carbon dioxide and require fewer chemicals to produce. The unique composition of our products mean they put minimal strain on the environment at the end of their useful lives. 

2. Human 🧑‍🏭

Our products are good for the planet and that means they're good for people too. Climate change and biodiversity loss is set to disproportionately effect the poor and vulnerable. Our fight for nature is equally a fight for human-beings. In line with this view, our production facility has been audited for fair-working conditions.

3. Wild 🌍

We believe in the power of trees to transform and regenerate broken ecosystems. When planted responsibly with the backing of local communities, their benefits far exceed carbon capture. In addition they provide homes for surrounding wildlife, halt topsoil erosion and provide essential resources for the local populace. As part of our carbon-negative delivery offering, we only fund tree-planting projects which adopt this holistic approach.