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uAfrica Mielie Maielr Partnership

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Company is a custom-built shipping solution that provides access to multiple South African couriers on one platform, and which gives merchants the ability to sell their goods across multiple platforms such as bidorbuy, Shopify, WooCommerce and PriceCheck.


uAfrica was built with a clear intention - to help businesses owners spend more time on the things they love, by letting uAfrica simplify the things they don’t. 

Time means family and hobbies, fun and enjoyment - often in nature.


This partnership is a natural progression of this intention and lends authenticity to their entire premise: help those very same businesses whose employees and owners choose to spend their extra time in nature, protect nature.

What does this partnership between and Mielie Mailer mean for business?

The answer to that question is quite simple: it means that we have removed, as much as possible, any barriers which stand in the way of your sustainable journey. Sustainability is a choice which we believe every business should (and now can) prioritise. 

The first order of business - the release of a collaborative Sustainability Manual - practical steps for businesses to follow when signing up to uAfrica and when buying Mielie Mailers, scattered with essays touching on climate change, the plastic-pollution crisis and our beautiful planet. The manual also has a section explaining a business’ impact in terms and scales they can actually get excited about.

Commitment to the Planet

Beyond the partnership with Mielie Mailer and in an endeavour to further encourage sustainability across the South African eCommerce industry, uAfrica is actively getting involved in a greener work environment.

 uAfrica will plant one tree for each customer that converts to Mielie Mailers or the sticker waybill system. They will be doing this through our other partners, Tree-Nation.

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How does uAfrica work?

uAfrica is an eCommerce tool built to streamline order fulfilment and shipping processes. It has two main features – Shipping and Multichannel, and its aim is to automate and smooth out order processes for online stores in South Africa, while saving merchants valuable time and money. 

Is it all online?

Do we link our online shop to uAfrica?

Would I need to print the waybill out and stick it to the bag?

How does the pricing work?